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    Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:35 pm
    Message by Clarkos - guild support idea
    Hi Truk and Exo,

    This is a PM to just you two. Was just thinking that perhaps a private in-game email would be cool to each member reminding them to donate and join the forum. It's time consuming, yes...but it could be worth it. Maybe coming from all three of us would be cool.

    This is what I said..

    Subject: Message to all Guildies

    Body: Please donate. It helps the guild and improves YOUR stats. If not, we're sad to see you go. Also, It's great!

    Sadly, there isn't enough characters to type out a proper in game email to them.

    I've emailed: lightblade33, php(lex_xee), notch, primity, nanner, hercules93, Utah!, nightwalk3rs, lightwalker, fealia, grumwolf, ariyanan, killthisboy, killer1982, vulture_503, reekhavoc, ja-puzzler, blindhard louise*, Ixieiniki and reeferbud.

    if truk can mail to: oopsies, ulysses8156, hitboy, hawkeye, jason8844, r4zorb4ck, iliya, carrie8430, kacensus, henriquebr, le_blanc, NiNjaskillz, kilrassasin, wraith23 and thestar

    if exo can mail to: pharstar, misery, hellboy93, atorod, mikekiller61, krangbrain, xavir, _ghost, dravvde, mischief, dark_shadow8, mollyvybe, stoner4life, unfathomable, snizzrizz and axzell.

    If not, don't worry about it, i'll do it. I think a personal touch can be more important than a shout out in the guild chat. I also sent out a bunch of Cuttlefish but maybe you can send dust or something or nothing at all. no big deal.

    just thinking out loud here while trying to get us some more support.

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