Why Clarkos is stoopid.

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Why Clarkos is stoopid. Empty Why Clarkos is stoopid.

Post by Clarkos on Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:36 pm

Reason #1: I didn't know, until last night, that I could open up treasure chests on missions that we control. I was so excited to learn this but everyone online was laughing at me because apparently, I'm a higher level character and should know better.

Reason #2: Armed Heroes wasn't working for me because everything I would type in the fields wasn't sticking, like it did in BG:I. So BG:I is officially no more and I panicked that I can't type anything in AH. I emailed the devs, posted on their site, deleted the app, reinstalled and now I couldn't even get my account name in there to log in. Well, I tried something new. It turns out that after typing, I had to press "DONE" on the keyboard and it would save my typing. On BG:I, I didn't have to do that, I could just press outside the keyboard box and it would save my entry. So apparently, I have to now press "DONE" and it saves. So simple...but I don't like the extra step. My iPad2 keyboard registers my typing at an EXTREMELY slow pace. Chatting is a total nuisance as it is.

Stay tuned to more of my stoooooopid adventures.

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Why Clarkos is stoopid. Empty Re: Why Clarkos is stoopid.

Post by Exodus on Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:15 pm



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